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    Mark Bates

    Business Developer & Ambassador
  • Hi, I’m Mark Bates, the face behind Whitewall Services.

    As I run a business myself, I’m very aware of the pressures and demands executives and business owners face. I established Whitewall Services to support people like you in this position to continuously innovate, develop and grow. I’ll work with you to help you secure quality sales, enter new markets, enhance customer service and set achievable goals.

    I’ve worked in business development across multi sectors for more than twenty-five years. This experience enables me to work alongside you to understand your business as it is now, and help you take it to where you need it to go in the future.

    My approach is friendly, creative and pragmatic. My intention is to work with you and your team to reignite your passion for what you do and help you work smarter, achieve your goals, contribute to strategic sales growth and improve financial performance.

    When you choose to work with me, you can be sure I’ll offer valuable insight and suggest practical changes to help optimise your performance and that of your business.

    Ultimately, I aim to remove the pain you face by providing solutions to your most pressing business problems.