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  • Business Development

    Don’t mix up business development with your sales & marketing

    Business development is a varied, complex and exciting function that sits somewhere between marketing and sales, allowing all three functions to seamlessly deliver positive growth results for your business. Too often I’m mistaken as a sales person which I’m certainly not. My skills lay firmly with seeing new opportunities and establishing relationships then nurturing them […]

  • Get help from a business coach

    Don’t do it alone

    I can’t tell you how much this piece of advice has helped me and countless others over the years. Running a business is a huge challenge. We have people, legislation, timing and customer issues to name a few and quite simply, there is no way we can be good in all areas. We recruit others […]

  • Enjoy your holiday reward

    It’s that time of year again so enjoy it!

    With the arrival of the 6th Out of Office due to holidays auto response together with the recent upsurge in our need for Internet detoxication (great BBC article here) made me think to resurrect previous blogs I’ve written on switching off and enjoying the much earned holiday. For many the thought of leaving their business […]

  • Business Coach Ryedale

    Just what is it you do as a business development and business coach?

    During a recent networking event someone asked me what I do as a ‘business development and business coach’ – do I just advise, do I find new business opportunities – or do I help clients with the wider business vision? The short answer is that it depends… The longer answer is that I do the […]

  • Marketing is an investment

    Marketing is an investment not an expense

    Many marketers tell me they dread having to put their case forward each year for a slice of the cake to enable them to promote the business and communicate the benefits their products or services bring customers. The thing that gets up their noises the most is the constant defending of their marketing plans and […]