A bespoke service that’s tailored to your specific needs and the development of your business.

We don’t offer a “one size fits all” approach. We’ll work closely with you and, if appropriate your team, getting under the skin of your business to fully understand where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

    • Management coaching

      Everyone asks you for help but who do you turn to for support?

      Running your business or leading your team can be a lonely experience at times. You’re busy answering everybody’s questions but your own go unanswered.

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      Having somebody to listen and talk through your own questions and concerns is important.


      We’ll listen, ask probing questions and when appropriate, offer advice and insights about things that might be missing.

      Sounding Board

      You have good instincts about what you want to happen but need someone to listen to your concerns; debate issues with you and ask thought provoking questions of you. Someone who will sense check you. We’ll do all that.

      Benefits to you and your business

      By combining our professional expertise (your internal knowledge and our external viewpoint) we’ll be able to:

      • Identify your most pressing needs and prioritise their recovery
      • Produce an approach to remove the issues keeping you awake at night
      • Keep you focused on developing you and your business
      • Make sure you’re completely in control of both your own future and that of your business

      The outcomes of this process are very straightforward: you’ll achieve more focused thinking, informed decision making and a stronger better placed successful business.

    • Strategic review

      Do you feel your business direction is unclear or has become stagnated?

      In order to really understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business, it should be constantly reviewed and, as a minimum, given an annual MOT.

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      The best way to do this is often to assess your existing business strategy and develop it so it’s relevant to where you are now. If you choose to work with us to develop your business strategy, we’ll invest time understanding your current position, your processes, your people and your plans. Doing this will identify exactly what you need to do to move forward.

      Benefits to your business

      Our Business Strategy service will support you to:

      • Put together an effective business plan and set of achievable goals
      • Evaluate the marketplace and position your business to it’s best advantage
      • Ensure what goes on in your business day to day matches your strategic goals
      • Manage the practicalities of the changes you’ll need to make to meet those goals

      When you have a clear and relevant business strategy it’s much easier to make sure you’re staying on track. We’ll offer the support, reassurance and practical advice you need to experience sustainability or growth.

    • Marketing Strategy

      Frustrated over the results you’re getting?

      Marketing is the way in which you represent your company to the market. It’s an essential practice that’s very easy to get wrong.

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      If you’re not getting the results you want, it might be time to work with a professional to investigate why. We’ll act as an impartial advisor to look at your business and current marketing strategy to determine how your potential customers see you, and what you can do to improve that image.

      Benefits to your business

      Using our “think customer” attitude we will:

      • Look at your current branding and analyse where it places you in the market
      • Strengthen your marketing and communication by reviewing your current marketing plan
      • Identify development aspects to improve your marketing and communication
      • Appraise your digital marketing efforts (including your website and social media presence)
      • Appraise your direct marketing efforts (including leaflets, printed material and digital newsletters)

      You’ll have a better understanding of what’s good about your marketing strategy, and what needs more work. We’ll support you in putting together a marketing plan that’s relevant, timely, and tailored to attract your target market(s).

    • Business Development

      Concerned your missing out on market share?

      Customers are a vital commodity for any business. In order to maintain and grow, you’ll need to strengthen the relationships you have with existing customers and reach out to develop new ones.

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      As a business owner or senior manager, business development should be among your foremost concerns. Together, we can invest in your customer relationships and maximise the opportunities you could gain from them.

      Benefits to your business

      Our strategic Business Development expertise will support you to:

      • Learn best practices and techniques
      • Challenge your current thinking and working habits
      • Introduce innovative ideas and thoughts for your business
      • Examine how your business processes and relationship practices are affecting your overall success
      • Identify new market(s) for your business
      • Implement a new, improved, approach to customer relationships

      You’ll take a good hard look at how your customer relationships and business processes are affecting your business outcomes. With this knowledge and our support, you’ll be able to adopt smarter working practices, stronger products or services that meet customer demands and build more profitable relationships to make greater sales.

    • Sales Management

      Unsure why you’re not more successful?

      Not getting the results you should be? Making yourself known to your market and securing sales is an essential practice that’s very easy to get wrong.

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      If the results you want aren’t happening it might be time to review your approach to sales. Acting as an impartial advisor We’ll look at your current sales strategies and how your sales personnel work and are perceived by your potential customers, and what you can do to improve sales success rates.

      Benefits to your business

      Your sales efforts will be scrutinised to identify improvements including:

      • Ensuring your existing Sales Plan is fit for purpose, relevant and actually delivering
      • Align your current or produce a new Sales Plan so it dovetails with your Marketing Strategy
      • Confirming all sales personnel understand the Sales Plan
      • Making sure your sales pitches are relevant, concise and directly address the customer’s priorities through the benefits of your product or service
      • Group and one-to-one sales coaching, enabling best practice sharing and bad habit removal
      • Motivation and empowerment of whole business to sell more

      You’ll gain a better understanding of what’s good about your Sales strategy, and what needs development. We’ll support you in putting together a Sales Plan that’s relevant to attract the type of customer you want.

    • Account Management

      Concerned over the low level of repeat business from existing customers?

      Winning customers is only half the battle in business: you also need to keep them! If you are losing customers to your competitors, it could be because your sales and account management systems need work.

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      The way you manage your sales and accounts can have a big impact on your customer relationships. Strong, respectful management typically leads to satisfied customers and repeat sales. Alternatively, poor management can lead to loss of customers and reduced profits.

      If your sales and account management systems aren’t up to the job, we’ll help investigate what needs to be done.

      Benefits to your business

      Together, we’ll examine your current sales and account management delivery to:

      • Identify your key customers
      • Listen to those customers and fully understand what they do as well as their priorities and needs
      • Ensure your sales pitches are relevant, concise and directly address the customer’s priorities through the benefits of your product or service
      • Introduce a consultative selling approach to enable up and cross selling when appropriate
      • Coach your sales personnel to position themselves as thought leaders and experts
      • Close any gaps in your account management service

      The Account Management support will help you better understand your customers, ensure your sales personnel are experts at what they do and enhance your customer relationships to achieve greater profits.

    • Competitive advantage

      Want to be known as the “go to” expert in your sector?

      The best way to understand your business’s true performance is to see and understand how your customers perceive you and your business.

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      A customer side review of your business will reveal many things about you and your business. The results will help the realignment of your products or services to meet expectations and needs. It will also determine what barriers (if any) there are to your products and services.

      Benefits to your business

      An appraisal on your current market position and benchmark against competition will identify:

      • How you can better meet the needs of your customers
      • Fine tune target markets and explore new markets
      • Where your understanding of the market could be improved
      • Which new products or services could be introduced to add value to your current offer
      • Identify potential collaborative working partnerships to open up and enter new markets

      Happier customers mean repeat custom, more recommendations and bigger orders: it really is that simple. Invest in your customer service provision now, and you’ll be paving the way for growth in the future.

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