Dragonfly Consulting

  • The Company

    Specialist acoustic engineers and design consultants working alongside planners, developers and architects and construction companies. Provision of noise, dust and vibration advice and assessments to comply with statutory requirements.

    The business requirement

    Dragonfly Consulting needed to move forward and develop following several years of maintaining its position within the industry. A new business development strategy was needed to help achieve this.

    Action taken

    Whitewall Services produced a Business Plan setting out exactly what the business was, who the target customers were and how the business would go about achieving sales. Key business objectives were identified and agreed.

    Supporting the Business Plan was a Marketing Plan setting out activity to bring about the delivery of the business objectives. The Marketing Plan was adopted by the business and championed by the Marketing & Communication executive with on-going support provided by Whitewall Services. Business development work and relationship establishment and nurturing was undertaken by Whitewall Services, stimulating interest from architects, planners and construction organisations. Whitewall Services identified a major opportunity for income through the Health & Safety Executive Statutory requirements for Safety at Work (Noise, Pollution and Vibration).

  • Benefits to the company

    • Up to date Business Plan put in place
    • Marketing Plan produced and used to communicate with existing & potential customers
    • Fast creation of marketing content
    • Wider relevant market reach obtained
    • Expert positioning achieved
    • Second major income source determined
  • Here’s what our client had to say

  • Whitewall Services enabled us to refocus as a business and truly understand what we deliver. The need to have somebody constantly asking questions made us think about what and how we did things. Having somebody managing our communication activity ensured we delivered what we said we would within an agreed time.

    Using an experience relationship maker like Mark certainly got us talking to people we wanted to faster. I’m sure, left to our own devices, we would have missed opportunities

    Chris ChittockPrinciple Acoustic Consultant & Managing Director

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