PurpleFrog Text Limited

  • The Company

    An academic computer science research business selling a knowledge management software system for the professional services sector.

    The business requirement

    Having developed and created a knowledge management product (SynAPPs) out of research identifying the vital need for such a solution within the UK’s professional services sector, the business lacked understanding and expertise in bringing both itself and SynAPPs to the attention of the appropriate UK market.

    Action taken

    Initially Whitewall Services spent time understanding the academic research into the challenges of knowledge management and how law firm in particular struggle to really understand the information they hold both internally and via external resources and repositories. Using this knowledge understanding of the technical aspects of SynAPPs was then gained. This combined new knowledge and information allowed Whitewall Services to produce an informed Strategic Marketing Plan setting out key marketing and communication activity to achieve the business objective.

    Whitewall Services created the associated marketing material (white paper, website, one-page brochures and technical specification) and provided management on the direct and in-direct marketing and communication work undertaken in-house.

    To support the marketing activity a Sales Plan was also created by Whitewall Services who jointly delivered business development activity alongside PurpleFrog.

  • Benefits to the company

    • Ability to communicate effectively with target market
    • Quicker market entry
    • Marketing Plan with focused activities
    • Faster creation of marketing material
    • Marketing management
    • Sales actions clearly set out
    • Marketing & Sales mentoring
    • Business Strategy input
    • Wider target market identified
  • Here’s what our client had to say

  • Mark quickly understood our product and business objectives then, using this knowledge he created a Strategic Marketing Plan and subsequent Sales Plan for us to deliver. Being a very academic and technical based business, his ability to direct, help and support our understanding in how we needed to portray and market ourselves was invaluable.

    Without doubt Mark’s involvement, suggestions and guidance has given the business the solid marketing and communication foundation we have today.

    I certainly recommend Whitewall Services

    Dr Masoud SaeediManaging Director

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